**Tips on how to navigate change, become more powerful, and stay strong in every aspect of your life.

A woman often feels the pressure to conform. Most of society, including her parents, teachers and peers, dictate through learned behavior how she should act.

As a woman, you may feel like you are struggling to live up to everyone’s expectations.

As your personal ambitions keep getting bumped to the bottom of the "to do list", you devote less time to them and to yourself. Women are used to putting everyone and everything ahead of themselves. This habit has become second nature. Society as a whole expects women to be self-sacrificing, even if it means putting themselves in danger. After an entire lifetime of this behavior, it is no wonder that many females feel so exhausted mentally, spiritually and physically.

Take a serious look at yourself right now.

If you have pushed the goals and dreams from childhood into the dark corners of your mind, it is time to take them out and dust them off. It is time to learn how to set boundaries and take care of your own needs. It is time to pamper yourself and feel as if you deserve to live the life that you envisioned for yourself.

When there is such a demand for your time, you do not get a chance to realize how your life has evolved until something serious or critical happens. It is unfortunate that illness, death or the end of a relationship is often the catalyst that forces us to take stock of the way we are living.

It is often the negative experiences in life that force you to sit down and notice the type of person you’ve become. At such a time self-love and joy are not the overriding emotions in your life.

Deep down you know that your life has the potential to be far richer than you are presently experiencing.

**This is true whether you have high self-esteem and are working toward life goals or feel lost and depressed.

Like it or not, you are a woman of the 21st Century and times are always changing. However, as we reflect back on those changes experienced during the past 100 years alone, there is no denying that this new century carries an even greater promise of surprises, challenges and demands on all of us.

If you want the rest of your life to be rewarding, happy and in fact absolutely fantastic… there is no better time than now to decide to be bold and create a new vision for your life.

Nothing prevents you from having everything you want in life – except you.

Opportunities and challenges are your future. They are for every woman on this planet. Isn’t it time you took a look inside your own heart and decided if the way you are currently living is where you want to be 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? If not, it is time to make some changes!

Imagine how your life would be if you decided to:

Taking just a few minutes to reflect on these notions might trigger some longed-for memories of goals and dreams you have harbored for years.

There is no secret to creating the life of your dreams.

All it takes is some new thinking and a few simple steps.

You have a responsibility to yourself to live the best life possible.

It is time to check out the way to make this happen.

You have the capacity to create unimaginable happiness, love and success.

Are you ready for it?

What you need are tools, a guide and lots of encouragement.

**Living the life of your dreams requires only simple, consistent steps**

Here are a few to get you started:

Having the life you want demands that you change the way you look at your Self, talk to your Self and treat your Self.

Self-esteem does not blossom overnight. To cultivate it in yourself you must take a new step or two each day.

Learning to improve your Self and stay strong is vital to creating a happy, successful life.

Every single one of us, regardless of where we are in our life right now, possesses the potential and the inclination to improve.

It takes courage to change. However, every step need not be difficult.

You can be an instrument of change or a victim of change – you choose.

Nancy McFadden, M.A. is a psychotherapist, university instructor, lecturer and avid participant in her own self-growth. She has developed a guide for women to support their journey into a life of personal empowerment, professional success and deliberate self-awareness. She teaches the self-commitment every woman requires if she decides to gain happiness and excitement in her life.

Nancy is convinced we can successfully overcome the fears that hold us back. Any woman can succeed when given specific directions on how to reward, encourage and motivate herself to move forward.

Nancy McFadden’s book, "Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Powerful and Staying Strong," gives you these specific directions. Here you will find constant personal encouragement to keep your momentum going along with the necessary information to help you make important changes.

Nancy’s book is a treasure map to discovering your dreams and purpose in life.

Guides to personal growth, such as books, tapes and other motivational material, provide lessons to help you jump out of old habits.

They teach you how to develop the new, powerful behaviors that are required for creating exciting changes in your life.

Every inventor, developer and person of greatness has achieved success by their willingness to take risks and do whatever was required of them to create the change they envisioned.

You too are able to take the same risks. Nancy can help you learn how.

Her book, "Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard," is packed with more that 300 pages of information, inspiration, lessons, real-life examples, encouragement and best of all, humor. (You want to take your personal development seriously but do not forget to have fun!)

The techniques in,

"Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard,"

give you the confidence and power to create changes in your life and achieve everything you desire.

Nancy McFadden, M.A., has spent more than 15 years in the motivational and self-help fields researching and developing techniques to propel you into a life of phenomenal self-trust, love, happiness and success.

Nancy’s own personal growth gives her the ability to understand how we get stuck in sorry life situations. She has learned from her own experiences what it takes to move out of sadness and depression into an outstanding life.

Learning to empower yourself and stay strong is vital to creating a happy, successful life.

Nancy McFadden’s techniques are not complicated. Nor are they difficult to understand.

"Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard," embraces a perspective that any woman, man or teenager can understand.

The tools used to create change in your life must help not hinder you. Nancy has utilized every idea in this book in both a personal and professional capacity. You will be able to understand and incorporate the skills immediately. Even if you have read 100 self-help books, with this book you will find something new and powerful to add to your success "toolbox".


"Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard"


Do not pass up the opportunity to start living the life you want!

Postponing change can cause five or ten years to pass by unnoticed.

Time moves very quickly, do not waste another moment of YOUR life.


We are convinced that every woman, man and child needs self-esteem, confidence, self-control and personal power to move forward and create their own personal success stories.


"Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard,"


**Do not wait another day to learn the skills necessary in creating an amazing life**

There is no risk. If after reading and practicing the techniques in this book you believe they have not helped you, ask for and receive a 100% refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose except a dissatisfying or loveless life.

Nancy has helped thousands realize their vision of a fantastic existence through her books, audio-tapes and motivational seminars. Let her guide you through the steps required to become powerful and stay strong.

"Step Aside Gentlemen We’re Coming Aboard"

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