I disagree…now, let me say it with style!

**Tips on how to disagree effectively and keep your cool during confrontation.

Nearly every one of us finds ourselves involved in disagreements on a daily basis. Whether its asking your child to pick up their room, dealing with a person’s bad attitude, or gaining the cooperation of any significant other in your personal life, arguments make us feel tense and uneasy. You find yourself feeling bad, which finally ends in frustration and anger. Wow, can you imagine experiencing all of those negative emotions on a daily basis? You are probably thinking, "I do! But, if most people are like me isn’t this type of negative reaction perfectly natural?"

It may be natural. However, it is not necessary.


Reflect a minute or two about your attitude toward disagreement. Is it possible that someone taught you disagreeing with others is rude, arrogant, combative, aggressive or self-centered? Does the word "disagreement" create a negative reaction in you? If your answer is "yes," STOP. Suspend your belief for the next few moments to consider the positive aspects of disagreement.

Your negative belief in disagreement could be the very thing preventing you from achieving the status, power and outrageous successes you passionately desire.

Disagreements are merely differences in opinion.

They are not shouting matches. They are not about winning or losing.

When you disagree, you are simply stating how you feel, what you want, what you believe or how far you are willing to go. It is an expression of your morals, ethics and belief system. It defines your personal boundaries of behavior.

It is not about the other person!

When you disagree, you are telling people who you are, what you think.

**You are defining your personal goals and needs.

Disagreements can feel like a personal arm wrestling match.

They don’t need to when you accept how necessary it is to tell others who you are and what you want. You become visible. This is a vital part of powerful communication.

Let’s face it; if you do not know how to disagree properly, arguments can be a pain in the neck!

There are techniques that you can learn today, to make effective disagreement a positive force in your life.

Learning these simple techniques will totally change your mind about the necessity and ease of disagreeing.

Here are some important reasons you need to learn this powerful communication skill:

In order to disagree effectively you need the proper tools. Use these tips to get started today.

  1. Before you confront someone, identify how you are feeling.
  2. Acknowledge that disagreeing may be fearful for you.
  3. Identify and accept the types of people who intimidate you.
  4. Use self-talk to calm yourself.
  5. Give yourself permission to disagree without worrying about the outcome.
  6. Do not take responsibility for the feelings of others.
  7. Refuse disagreement with those people who argue for the sake of argument.
  8. Learn the four steps essential to effective disagreement.
  9. Learn when to end the disagreement.

By now, you can appreciate the necessity and positive benefits in disagreement:

You command respect

Fewer people challenge you

Your competence becomes obvious

You feel great about yourself

You definitely take control of your life


Make the decision RIGHT NOW to take personal responsibility and learn the skills necessary to disagree effectively.

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