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Do you constantly daydream about living a life that is different from the one you have now? Are you envious of other’s successes, thinking you will never be able to achieve what they have? Do you constantly wish for someone to show you exactly how to increase your self-esteem and create incredible opportunities?

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The Motivational Mirror

Filled with motivational techniques and exercises that are easy to read and understand, this newsletter is the key to living the life of your dreams. The Motivational Mirror highlights the success of real people, just like you, proving that with hard work and the right information anyone can achieve their goals. No matter how outrageous!

Based on the five "Lifeskill" principles developed by internationally known author, lecturer and psychotherapist Nancy McFadden M.A., this newsletter is guaranteed to increase your:


Ability to disagree effectively


Ability to achieve goals

Ability to create strategies for success

Nancy has spent over fifteen years in the motivational and self-help fields developing exercises designed to empower and improve.

Create a positive, success-filled life with The Motivational Mirror

In her many years of research, Nancy realized, that to make profound changes you need to consistently practice five essential skills:

  1. How to build and maintain your self-esteem
  2. The steps to effective disagreement
  3. How to increase your assertiveness without aggression
  4. How to develop and achieve goals
  5. How to develop strategies for creating success in your life

Use The Motivational Mirror to develop these life skills in yourself.

The Motivational Mirror was designed to provide you with easy-to-use exercises based on the five important life skills everyone must master to create outrageous success in their lives.

Who can benefit from receiving The Motivational Mirror?

Anyone who wants to improve their life! The Motivational Mirror is perfect for those who want to:


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Every month you will find innovative material developed especially for The Motivational Minute subscribers by Nancy McFadden. Filled with creative insights and success stories, this newsletter is your first step to developing the life of your dreams. Newsletter features include:

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The Motivational Mirror


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