Have a love affair…..with yourSelf!

**Tips on building self-esteem, and taking immediate charge of your life.


Everyone at some point in their life feel as if they have lost control. Work, family and friends demand so much of your time. You barely have a second to sit down, let alone start working toward those goals and ambitions tucked away in a corner of your brain. You might even be thinking, "What goals and ambitions? I haven’t thought about those in years (if ever). I just do not have the time to think about myself. I have a mortgage to pay, kids to feed, dog to walk and six social obligations to fulfill this weekend alone (can you believe three birthday parties in one day!?!). Plus isn’t thinking about me, me, me all of the time a bit selfish?"


It is never too late (or impossible) to live the life you love and love the life you live!


If you decide you want a fantastic life, you can make it a reality.


If this sounds like an unrealistic statement, it may be because you are not allowing yourself to believe in the possibility that life is exactly what you make it.


Before you decide that this in only true for millionaires and movie stars, people with lots of time and money - STOP!


There is nothing preventing you from having everything you want out of life - except you!


"Wait a minute! What about the bills, soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, deadlines, layoffs, illness… I am so busy living everyday life I barely have time to think about what I want. Those things I dream about are not even realistic. How could they possibly fit into the life I have now? I would never neglect my family or career just for some crazy idea of how I want my ‘dream life’ to be."


The truth is, by ignoring your dreams you are not making time for your life responsibilities. You are neglecting yourself.



**Self-esteem is how you view and treat yourself.


The way you now live your life is a reflection of your



High self-esteem is having a real love and regard for you. It is about making the commitment to act in your own best interest. Self-esteem is not about anyone else, but you….not your family, friends and co-workers. Wanting successes in your life is not a selfish idea it is a necessity! WE DO NOT LIVE LIFE FOR OTHER PEOPLE, WE LIVE IT FOR OURSELVES.


Imagine what little opportunity you have for a successful life if you do not think you are worth it, or worse, do not believe that it is ever going to happen.


Increase your self-esteem and create the life that you want, a life filled with more love, health, wealth and professional rewards then you ever thought possible.


No matter what your desire, increasing your self-esteem is the first step towards making it a reality. There is no other place to start.


Take a moment to think about your own self-esteem, and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think you are an amazing person?
  2. Do you love who you see when you look in the mirror?
  3. Do you give yourself compliments often?
  4. When you are in stressful or angry situations, do you stay true to yourself and what you want?
  5. Do you reward yourself on a constant basis?
  6. Do you have a clear plan for what you want out of life?


If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you have to get serious about how you see yourself and what has prevented you from achieving your goals.



**Having the life that you want demands that you change the way you look at yourSelf, talk to yourSelf and treat yourSelf.


Unless you want to stay in the same situations (personal, professional, financial) that you are in today, you must change the self-messages you are using on a daily basis.


People with low self-esteem have mixed messages about their own self-worth. These occur throughout their upbringing, which means that low self-esteem has been a constant from an early age.


Do not let another day go by without doing something to change those negative messages about yourself!

**Make the decision right now to boost your self-esteem and instantly change your life.


Increasing your self-esteem is possible if you have the right tools.


You are responsible for giving yourself those things that you missed early in life, such as positive messages regarding your own self-worth/self-esteem. You can learn positive self-talk along with the other skills necessary to increase self-esteem through self-help and motivational material. In fact, self-help literature is the number two best seller second only to books on finance and getting rich. Guess why! You already know that the way you feel about yourself and take care of yourself goes hand in hand with success, especially financial success!


Commit yourself this instant to

"Building Self-esteem" and make success yours!


We are convinced that every man, woman and child needs this information to create the life they want. This overview of our "Building Self-esteem" seminar, will give you an opportunity to challenge the way you view yourself and your life right now.


  1. Decide you want more.


  1. Make a commitment to yourself.


  1. Evaluate yourself.


  1. Set goals.


  1. Application


  1. Skills that will help you develop greater self-esteem.


Congratulations! By reading through this material, you have taken the first step towards building your self-esteem. DECIDE YOU WANT MORE.


Nancy McFadden, M A, has spent over 15 years in the motivational and self-help field, researching and developing techniques aimed at skyrocketing your self-esteem. As a psychotherapist, university instructor, author and lecturer, Nancy has helped thousands realize their vision of a fantastic life by teaching them self-esteem building skills.


**Nancy has developed a 2-hour seminar entitled

"Building Self-esteem". This seminar contains a step-by-step process proven to dramatically increase your self-esteem through a series of daily exercises.


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Like all great achievers, you need to take the first step in improving your life. Success and self-esteem will build with every new step.


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