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Some people think that having a successful life takes a lot of hard work -reading thousands of books -years of therapy -and a University Degree.

If that seems to be too much for you, listen to this: the "Lifeskills Series" has put it all together in one package. Just listen and you can have it all.

Developed by psychotherapist and author Nancy McFadden M.A., these seminars contain a combination of her professional, educational and actual life experiences that includes years of her research on Personal Power.

"I have made it simple to achieve your dreams and all you have to do is just listen ". I will show you how to recognize when you are making typical mistakes that hamper your growth, and then guide you through simple steps you can take to overcome all self-defeating obstacles. Believe me when I say, "there is no easier way to enhance your personal power". Simply get your copy of the "Lifeskills Series" right now and then, just listen!

Hear why the media and others say


The "Lifeskills Series" walks you through the personal growth process with 5 two-hour audio seminars on ten that's 10 CD's.

The series starts with "Building Self Esteem". Here, you will discover your true value. Realizing your potential is a necessary first step in your journey to Success. You will learn to believe in yourself.

As we start to change our life, most of us encounter opposition from others. Learning to "Disagree Effectively" will teach you how to stand your ground and ward off the negativity of others. Start feeling powerful.

"Being Assertive Not Aggressive" will help you to get what you want by learning to effectively ask without being pushy. It will show you that saying "no" to others is definitely in your best interest, and that learning how and when to say "no" is crucial to your success.

Just about everyone has a dream of how they want to live. You can turn your dreams into reality by transforming your ideas into goals. "Achieving Goals" emphasizes the importance of not just setting goals, but learning how to properly set your goals in order to achieve your true potential.

"Strategies For Success" pulls the entire series together by showing you how to use all the new strategies you learned, to formulate a whole new system for success. This seminar will help you recognize that simple strategies, such as having a mentor, not only boosts thier ego, it also boosts your chances of success. Learning effective networking, will really prove to you that it is not only what you know, it's who you know and what they do that influences your chances for success. Dedication and persistence, coupled with practiced courage, are also definite keys to success. In this series, we have given you a simple formula to achieve all the love, health and wealth you desire. "JUST LISTEN"


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People have a personal trainer to get the body they desire, so why not have someone train you with "Lifeskills", to get the life you desire.

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